Friday, July 18, 2008

Tag I'm it!

I’ve been tagged! Ali at Henbogle tagged me to share six random things about me, and then tag six others.

I actually enjoy reading what people say about themselves.

So Here are my six random things:

1. I was "Baby of the Week" on the Soupy Sales television show in the 1950's.

2. I like (no, love) to eat potato chips after 9:00 pm.

3. I went to seven different elementary schools as a child. Springfield Elementary, Pleasant View,(twice) Burbank, Edison, Marycrest, Plymouth and Huntley. Not a military brat, a Kmart brat. My dad built most of them in the midwest and we followed the stores.

4. We have lived at our farm longer than any home since we married, (5 years). We've been married for thirty years! (I think this is our 13th place)

5. I don't like clothes. Ruth and I will go clothes shopping for me and I will hold something up and ask, "Do I like this?" She inevitably shakes her head.

6. I graduated with honors from Michigan State University. However, the first time I went to college, which was right out of high school, (Univ Wis at Oshkosh), I had a 1.26 GPA after two semesters. I LOVED TO STUDY!

I’m tagging:

chickengirl at chickengirl This is a creative and energetic young lady who has a great outlook on life. She also has lots of great stories. She raises White Silkies.

Stiggy at One Man and His Chickens Stiggy is transforming his property and himself and allows us an inside view of his life in England.

Tammie at The Unusually Unusal Farmchick Tammie is a young Hippie. She is a Homesteader and is having a great life. She lets us in on all the ups and downs of life on her farm. Lots of creative and ingenious ways to make things and have fun.

Sandy at Through a Dusty Lens Sandy is a California girl with lots of artistic ability and good insight into the world around her.

Paula at The Fraker Farm Paula has a great life and is so good at sharing her stories with us on her blog. She has hens that you won't believe!

Loring from Icono-Curmudgeon-Clast - Loring Wirbel's Rants Loring is one of the most knowledgeable people on the internet. If you read his blog, you will become smarter and better informed. He also has a great sense of humor and a lot of wit.

I could pick on many more of you. If you feel left out, believe me, you will get tagged very soon. My apologies if any of you have already been tagged for this meme.

Tag Rules:
Link to the person who tagged you.
Post the rules on the blog.
Write six random things about yourself.
Tag six people at the end of your post.
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Let the tagger know when your entry is up.


laura said...

I used to watch Soupy Sales; maybe I saw you! I thought in #5 that you were going to confess to be a nudist!

Loring Wirbel said...

OK, Don, I got you back, but I could only think of three people to tag who wouldn't hit me. And even they might.

Sandy said...

Hi Don, thanks for your comments about this California girl (cough)...not quite a girl anymore, ha!! A female would be more appropro, LOL.

I had lots of fun reading more about you and the one that made me laugh was when you ask Ruth if you like a certain piece of clothing.


I'll join in tonight or tomorrow, thanks!

Sharon said...

Number 5 is hilarious! Maybe you lend Ruth to me sometime as I'm sure I could use her help!!! :)

Ginnie said...

Again, I have learned something new about you, Don! I especially like the one about potato chips after 9 (after Ruth has gone to bed, right?!).

Stiggy said...

Don it's probably a man thing about the clothes - I have similar problems, mainly because Jo is the colour expert - I'd just wear anything!


Thanks for the tag - I may have to tag you back though as I don't know many blogs.


Stiggy said...

It may have to hold off a bit Don - we've had an emergency - this morning I found one of our ladies has had a prolapse, so I'm going to be kind of busy for a while.


Stiggy said...

RIGHT!! I've done it!

The post is done, and everyone has been told about the tagging thingy.

I hope it's alright, as I've been looking after Polly today with her problems.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing, Don! It was fun to learn more about you from this and your previous post!

Again I had to laugh at similar you and my sweetie appear -- he was a mediocre college student the first time, but excelled when getting his teaching degree, then master's degree, and now his C.A.S. He's a much better student than I, and I work in higher ed!


Don said...

laura: Soupy's show originated in Detroit back in the day, and my mom sent in one of my pictures, and there I was! That's funny that you may have seen it! Nudist!? Hey, maybe you need to post about six random things about yourself!

Don said...

loring: I enjoyed reading your random things. Streaking in Grand Ledge, what a treat for all!


sandy: I will keep checking to see what you hav to say. You go GIRL!


sharon: everyone needs a Ruth.


ginnie: If she is up, she usually has the bag, and we fight over it!


Don said...

stiggy: Thanks for playing along! Poor Polly (hen with major internal issues), I hope all goes well. It must be traumatic for you.

Don said...

henbogle: Mediocre would be an upgrade for my first year of college. I was so unaware of what to do and how to do it.

The second time around I really wanted to learn and was mentally prepared for it.