Sunday, April 27, 2008


Chicks Update

They're starting to look like chickens.

OK, I know I am obsessed, but I'm giving an update anyway. Here are some photos taken at three weeks and one day old.

White Polish Crested Chick.

She is so calm. She'll just sit in my hand, or wherever. She is having trouble eating out of the little red feeders I have. Her head and "hair" won't fit into the holes! She looks a little yellowish. Is there a yellow or golden Polish? I'm getting a Big Girl Feeder tomorrow.

Gold Pencil Hamburg and a Silver Polish Crested (I think)

I haven't named any of the chicks yet, (except for the two Splash Andalusians, whom we named "Daryl, and her sister Daryl." (from the movie "Splash")

White Crested Black Polish and the Silver Polish

That is some head of hair!


She is a very pale taupe color, and gets along with everybody. (Hmm, that sounds like a comment on a report card)

Cuckoo Maran

This one is the top of the pecking order right now. She doesn't go around and beat up anyone, but she stands up to all those who try to dominate her. I think she is a hen, due to her dark coloring.

Kid Friendly Place

I grew up with an Uncle Sam who owned a farm up near Loomis, MI. My parents would drop me off for weeks at a time in the summer and I would do everything from ride the calves to pick blueberries for breakfast. It seems like farms lend themselves to childhood joy!

Eli (my nephew's son), returned to the farm this weekend and couldn't get enough of the quail. He carried this one around for quite a long time. It crowed the whole time too! These quail are so gentle and don't seem to mind being lugged around. Eli was very careful.

Aden and Lydia weren't as sure as Eli, but after watching him hold the bird and not die, they decided they could try petting it.

More Quail

Here is grandpa quail with a little cutie (the bird).


I love spring and all the life that comes around with it. Look at Eli in the background. Who needs a jungle gym when you have a good stump?

Balancing Ballerina

Lydia showing her brothers what all of her training and experience are for.

Fallen Apple

Nice spot to get away from it all.

Guitar Hero

My son, Peter, playing his guitar in Ruth's studio. Today the band Meridian, had a photo shoot at the farm for their new CD release. They spent a lot of time in ten different locations around the farm shooting hundreds of pics. Ruth stole this shot of Peter through a window.

Meridian at the Green Barn

Peter's Band

Coop Update

Here I am contemplating the final pieces of the floor/ceiling. I decided to use as much salvaged lumber as I could and then fill in with new. In a few years it'll all look like it's been around. I should be able to put the chicks in the coop next weekend. It was too cold this weekend and I am not quite ready.

My Cathedral


Now THAT is robin's egg blue.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Don, This is such a delightful update of all the spring things that are happening on your piece of paradise.

Everything, chick, folk and farm looks happy, healthy and growing. You must be so pleased. I know these things don't just happen without lots of planning and care.

I am so enjoying it... and your chicks are going through there teenage hood it appears;
so cute!!!!!
And those Robins eggs... I have no words for it!!

Loring Wirbel said...

The Meridian members should have carried chicks on their shoulders! Contrasts in hairstyles and all that...

Country Girl said...

Great pictures! Our quail are not that calm.

Sharon said...

Great photos again Ruth! Thank you both so much for sharing them with us. I don't know anything about chickens but the feet on your Cuckoo Maran look so large! Are they normally a bigger breed? What a wonderful world you have there.

Ginnie said...

For some reason, Don, this entire post brought tears to my eyes! It's very soulful!

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Such beauty Spring brings in so many different forms. Where can i check out your nephews band? Love the picture of them in front of the barn.
How cool you could get a picture of the nest eggs! Our birds always have nests real high out of climbable reach...
And yes, there is a golden polish which your one chick does look like. I had a batch of them- LOVE THEM- but a wild animal raided our place a few years ago and took those babies.
Happy Spring Don!

Heather said...

I love those Polish chickies! They look like little punk rockstars!

lesleyanne said...

i am so homesick!!

lovely post papa, the chicks are just growing up so beautifully. i love the hair!

i especially enjoy the photos of the quails in hands and shoulders, i can't wait to carry around a little cutie! soon, yes, soon.

where were the robin's eggs? they are gorgeous. what a perfect spring color. mmm....forsythia.


Don said...

Gwen: I watched the robins build that nest in the lilac bush right next to my chicken coop. It is quite low to the ground, so I hope Bishop the Barn Cat doesn't spot it! The color of those eggs was shocking when I peaked in on Saturday. My Ameraucanas might lay a lighter version of blue! I don't want to admit tho that a lot of serendipity is taking place.

Loring: They talked about having a chick hitch a ride, but I am a little defensive when it comes to my hens. (The quail are another story)

Country Girl: Do you have the same kind of Quail? I have 18 of them and they are all quite tame. Maybe they get a little wilder as they age.

Sharon: I agree, those feet look huge! I think the Marans are a hefty bird, but not a giant. I wonder if they are a few days older than the rest. They certainly have more feathers than most of the others.

Ginnie: The cathedral photo made me feel that way too. It is a shabby looking barn in some regards, but also magnificent.

Unusually Unusual Farmchick: The yellowish polish chicks might even be Buff Laced Polish chicks. I hope so! Spring is making life feel better, but busier!

Heather: Aren't they so cute!? Some of them are jsut poof balls and others look like they have a mirror and are combing it back.

Lesleyanne: Time is marching onward! You will love all the happenings around here when you get here! Anticipation is 1/2 of the fun and joy! The robin eggs are in the lilac by the barn.

chickengirl said...

About your Polish chick: I think it may be a buff Polish. It looks kinda like our free chick, and we think it's turning out to be a buff color. I'm not sure, and it may be something else.

Don said...

chickengirl: I think you're right about the Buff Polish. I hope so, as those are very pretty!

chickengirl said...

Yeah, speaking of our buff Polish, it got loose in the garage a while ago... It took two to catch it!! (I say 'it' becuase, like I said earlier, it was our free rare chick. So it's gender is a mystery!!)

Don said...

chickengirl: Mystery chicks are fun, but they're probably boys. It would be nice to get a hen, but they have so many roosters and not many want roosters! You want them for meat birds, but who wants a flock of roosters running around!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Your Polish are getting quite the "top hat", Don! They always crack me up when they get older because you look at them and think, "how the heck do they see under all that stuff?"

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

A very nice update! You have a nice variety of chicks. Is your Marans chick friendly or standoffish with you? I want to try some dark brown egg layers next year and I'm thinking Barnevelder or Welsummer. Your Polish babies are a riot with their bouffant do's!

That little quail is a cutie pie. Isn't it nice to be able to hold birds and not die? I love it when they come up to me to be held instead of me reaching out to pick one up. Having a bird seek you out is a very special thing. Birds aren't known for their cuddliness, ya know?

I love spring too. I planted 6 Forsythias this spring and two of them are already trying to bloom! I can't wait for them to get bigger like yours.

Thanks for sharing!

Ellis Hollow said...

Love the chick's at that awkward stage. Back in the day, my favorite were the barred rocks. We had some that were like dogs that would wait for you outside the door and follow you around the yard.

How 'bout a link to Meridian's website or MySpace page? That's how the kids create the buzz these days, you know?

Don said...

Paula: I think I have fourteen of those tophats! There are a couple of them whose "hair" is already hanging down by their eyes. They are fun to watch. I have two Crevecoeurs and they seem more congenial than the others.

Amy: The Marans are warming up. I have six of them and apparently they can be sexed by their coloring. I may have three hens and three roosters, but I guess I'll know for sure when they crow, or not! Three of them began eating oatmeal flakes from my hand today so I think they'll come around. I think being in the brooder makes them feel a little trapped, and this weekend I hope to give them the freedom of the coop.
Our Forsythia bloomed nicely this year. I have been trying to free them up to get more sunlight, and I think that helped. Next up: the four different lilacs!

Ellis Hollow: I believe your name is Craig! Thanks for visiting. I love your gardens and your informative blog! I had Barred Rocks too and they were great chickens. I went a little fancier this time to give my photographer wife some inspiration.
BTW, I have a link on my sidebar for Peter's band, Meridian. Have a listen!

Sandy said...

THIS was one GREAT update. I enjoyed each and every photo and commentary. The little quail is adorable!!!

Ruth takes some unbelievably gorgeous photos. The one of your son sitting there, what a treasure for you to have.

anyway, I've been surfing through a lot of beauty this morning and I've got to go get busy...

Really enjoyed this Don.


laura said...

So many wonderful photos, I don't know where/how to start. The photo of your son through the window is really spectacular: a moment in time. Chicks, children, forsythia--it's an extravaganza of life. Yay!

laura said...

How many chicks do you have (or intend to) name? I once planned to name all my pets after typefaces, my favorite being Bembo.

Ruth said...

That's a COOL idea, Laura! I've been thinking about themes too. Ha, here I am answering your question, and this ain't my blog. Since I got to name the two blondies (oh jeez, what's the name of their species, some Polish something) Daryl and her sister Daryl, I wonder if Don will let us pick a theme of movies? Cruella DeVille is probably a little too obvious for the salt and peppery beebop one. (I am never going to remember their species names.)

This is a fantastic, post, Dearest. I love your cathedral. You should conduct a worship service out there sometime. Well, I guess that's what you do every time you're there.

Don said...

Laura: You always have such good input! I laughed at the font theme for names: "MS Reference Sans Serif, get out of the garden!~!" I believe that I will give names to all of the girls, and the two boys I keep. I don't want to name those headed for the noodle pot! I have a total of 33 chicks right now and 18 quail.

Ruth: The two blondies are Splash Andalusians.

I'm not sure I want to be tied to a particular theme. Maybe I'll name one in honor of Laura and her idea of the type style, one for Gwen and her lack of hobbies/talents, etc. I will allow you, Ruth, to name any you choose. Please keep them children appropriate!! Hey *&^%$#@## get the *&$# over here! won't go over real well at Farm Day.

Worship in the green barn probably includes the sound of a hammer.

Don said...

Sandy: Thank you! I am so lucky to have a live-in pic snapper who is also good at it. She's alright for a first wife!

I love that photo of Peter too, it is so surprising!

I get that feeling too when I go and see what others are doing to their yards, etc., including your beautiful place!

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, love it Don, the chicks look like they're doing a fashion show, with their different outfits on, love the hair dos.

The farm was a good idea for a shoot, very natural like their music, good message to send, and I'm loving the Cathedral, too cool.

Don said...

Bob:They are really stylin! I'm happy with the variety the hatchery sent. they must have a lot of fun putting different breeds together. I know I would!

The band really had fun with the farm stuff. They ran out of time to go with the hunting themes.

Sandy said...

Hey Don...If you can't find Ruth today, look under that pile of clothes in her closet...

thanks for coming by, I'm waiting waiting for pressure thought,...ha

Stiggy said...

WOW Don!!!

Listen fella - I'm going to have to INSIST you write more and shorter posts...

..this one is going to take me all week to read! (joke)


I will look forward to reading it as soon as I get a bit more time, but I just HAD to comment, even though I only skimmed the contents!

I'll comment again once i've read it all in detail!

Don said...

Stiggy: Sorry man! I agree with you that I got a little carried away. My problem was that Ruth had so many pictures that I couldn't stop!

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